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The safety of our children is of the utmost importance to everyone at the TYFC. Currently, it seems that the issue of concussions are in the news daily, whether it be on television, radio, or the internet/social media whereby former football players are commenting on how their lives had been impacted in some way by a concussion(s).

Football & Cheer are SAFE SPORTS when players are taught the proper way to block & tackle, stunt, and play these great games that we all love. It is also of the utmost importance that as coaches we know the signs and symptoms of concussions. We are here to teach these young men and women how to play the game of football/cheer as well as protect them the best way we can, so they can grow up to teach their children these great games. It is ALL of our responsibilities to recognize that a child has had a possible brain injury, remove the player from participation, and make sure they have seen a medical professional before returning to active participation.


2017 UPDATE: TYFC requires all coaches to be certified under the USA Football Heads Up Certification for Youth Program. Embedded in this certification is the CDC Heads Up program. Therefore, completion of this mandoatory training will satisfy the concussion awarness protocol.


Effective the 2013 season the TYFC has adopted a MANDATORY Concussion Awareness Program for ALL coaches (Football & Cheer).

It is required for the 2013 season (and all subsequent seasons) ALL FOOTBALL & CHEER COACHES AT ALL LEVELS are to view this 30 minute educational video "HEADS UP ON CONCUSSIONS IN YOUTH SPORTS" presented by the CDC, print the certificate, and place them with the appropriate team book that is due at certification in August. It is also required that ALL ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL & CHEER COMMISSIONERS follow the same procedures as their association COACHES.

Additional information regarding concussion awareness can be found below: